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YPerformance chiller system, Why is everyone installing it? Why you should

We all love to get more horsepower (HP). The faster we go, the more power is needed and hotter the intake air (IAT) temperature. But with that comes limitation for consistent power and drop in speed gain timing. So what is the solution?


Here comes the role of the YPerformance chiller system (refrigerant heat exchanger). It cools down the IAT, thus increasing the HP and making your car run faster.

yperformance chiller


So how exactly the YPerformance chiller system works?


The refrigerant for the air conditioning unit is diverted from the cabin to the chiller unit. Air coolant passes through a low-temperature radiator then flows through the YPerformance Chiller unit, where the refrigerant significantly cools it. This cooled liquid then goes through an interchanger heat exchanger inside the supercharger, significantly cooling compressed air entering the intake ports. So what is the point of all this? The cooler the air, the denser it becomes and has more oxygen content than warm air. With more oxygen entering the engine, adding more fuel produces more power.


Our customers are delighted with the chiller system which gave a drastic improvement in performance. They refer to this modification as the best one and everyone must do it.


We value our customers. We build our units with extensive research and never compromise on quality, that is assured. We have an excellent track record in the motorsports and automobile industry.


Don’t overthink, Let us make your car faster. Buy it now – limited stocks available

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