O2 Sensor Spacer 90 Degree Angled Catless M18 X 1.5

O2 sensor spacer
Oxygen sensor spacer
02 sensor spacer
  • Stainless Steel
  • 90 Degree
  • Catless O2 Sensor
  • Prolonged Life
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Remove Check Engine Light
  • Instock

    Dhs. 109.00 AED

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    O2 Sensor Spacer 90 Degree Angled Catless M18 X 1.5

    • Jurf industrial 1

      Pickup available, usually ready in 4 hours

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    Addition info


    This O2 Sensor Spacer make space to the oxygen sensor out from the high temperature exhaust gases and eliminates the check engine light (CEL) caused by bad catalytic converters or catless exhausts. This is 90 Degree Angled Spacer. Best for less room exhausts. This Spacer is made up of 304 high quality stainless steel.

    We provide 90-degree, Angled, 180-degree, Mini catted, and Thread-On J-Style Sensor Bung Adapter O2 sensor spacer extenders with perfect fitment for almost every car available in the market.

    1 Oxygen Sensor Spacer Extension Exhaust Bung. Check engine light (CEL) may illuminate due to increasing airflow when a high flow catalytic converter installed on your vehicle. The path of exhaust gases and the rear oxygen sensor were spaced out by the oxygen sensor spacer, in order to trick the ECUs.

    • Car Oxygen Sensor Extender Spacer Adapter M18X1.5 Thread Check Bung Catalytic Converter Engine CEL O2 Eliminator
    • The car oxygen sensor extender spacer is a general model and suitable for most cars and fits all standard oxygen sensors with M18 x 1.5 oxygen sensor holes
    • This Engine Light Eliminator Adapter will prolong the life of any Oxygen sensor
    • O2 Oxygen sensor spacer adapter, is a quick and easy install to remove the check engine light
    • Material of Oxygen Sensor Spacer Adapter Connector: Stainless steel 304 body, and a catalytic converter inside

    Vehicle Fitment

    • All Vehicles with M18x1.5mm thread Oxygen Sensors