ECUTEK ECU Connect Tuning Kit

ECUTEK ECU Connect Tuning Kit - YPerformance
ECUTEK ECU Connect Tuning Kit - YPerformance
ECUTEK ECU Connect Tuning Kit - YPerformance
ECUTEK ECU Connect Tuning Kit - YPerformance
  • Customizable engine maps for optimal performance
  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Improved throttle response
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Real-time data logging and analysis
  • Customizable warning and protection systems
  • Support for high-performance aftermarket parts
  • Customizable gauges and dash displays
  • OBDII diagnostic trouble code reading and clearing.
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    ECUTEK ECU Connect

    Ecutek is a brand name of a company that specializes in engine management software and tuning solutions for various types of vehicles. Their products are designed to improve the performance and efficiency of engines by allowing users to customize and optimize various settings such as fuel injection, ignition timing, and boost pressure. They offer a wide range of products and services, including software development, data logging, and training programs. They are known to be used primarily in the sports car market, such as Nissan GTRs, Infiniti Q50 / Q60, Golf GTR and Golf R etc.

    EcuTek Q50 Tuning

    Ecutek ECU Connect engine management software that can be used to tune the Infiniti Q50, which is a luxury sports sedan produced by Nissan's luxury brand, Infiniti. By using Ecutek software, owners of the Q50 can customize and optimize various engine settings such as fuel injection, ignition timing, and boost pressure to improve the performance and efficiency of their vehicle. Additionally, the software also allows for data logging, which can be used to track and monitor the engine's performance over time. Some of the features offered for the Infiniti Q50 include

    EcuTek Fact Sheet

    Providing high-speed Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile device

    • This app is available for iOS and Android devices and integrates with the EcuTek Bluetooth vehicle interface to offer advanced features and functionality.

    • Display and record factory and RaceROM diagnostic parameters at speeds up to 200Hz (Nissan 370Z).

    • Adding gauges, bar graphs, and digital values to create custom displays, changing colors, and setting alarm thresholds is possible with dashboards

    • RaceROM:- Driver interaction with RaceROM special features

    • Test and share the results of your performance with the Performance Analyze

    • Files:- An archive of log files, performance test results, DTCs, and dashboards that can be shared with tuning partners or friends

    • DTCs are read & cleared not only for the engine ECU but also for other modules, such as the TCM, ABS, etc.

    • ECU Info:- Provides information about the ECU and whether RaceROM is installed

    • Locate your nearest tuner, wherever you are

    • A CAN PIDs-compliant system supports the majority of vehicles produced worldwide in the past 10 years

    Features of RaceROM

    With ECU Connect, you can integrate your device with new and existing features, such as...

    • Log numerous RaceROM live data parameters, including fuel injection volume, per-cylinder knock, injector angle, G-sensors, wheel slip ratio, and more.

    • Switch between different modes using the app and create and name each mode using ProECU

    • Using the Launch Control app, you can adjust the launch RPM

    • The Boost Controller is used to set the maximum boost pressure for each mode of the Map Switch

    • Reduce your car's power output when it is not in your care by using the Valet Mode

    Inputs customized by the user

    New Custom Maps! EcuTek ECU Connect now supports five new inputs that can be configured and controlled. These can be set up in ProECU as a Slider, a Numeric value or a Switch, and provide the following capabilities...

    • Boost is adjustable with a slider control that is controlled by the driver

    • Traction Control with adjustable gain can be adjusted using a slider control

    • In Live Adjustments, you can add/remove ignition timing, adjust fueling, vary cam timing, or alter custom map outputs using a slider or numerical control

    • Live adjustment of the power output, as well as the engagement of solenoids or relays

    • Using your handheld device, you can turn on or off valet mode

    EcuTek Tuning

    Ecutek tuning refers to the process of using Ecutek's engine management software to optimize and customize the performance of a vehicle's engine. The software allows users to adjust various settings such as fuel injection, ignition timing, and boost pressure to improve the overall performance of the engine.

    Ecutek tune is often used by car enthusiasts and performance drivers to increase horsepower and torque, improve throttle response, and increase fuel efficiency. The software also allows for data logging and analysis, which can be used to track the engine's performance over time and make further adjustments to improve performance.

    It is important to note that Ecutek tuning is not suitable for all types of vehicles and it is important to check the compatibility of the vehicle with the Ecutek software before proceeding with the tuning process. Additionally, it is essential to have a professional and experienced tuner to perform the tuning process as it involves tweaking with the engine management system and a wrong tuning can damage the engine.