YP VR30 Q60 / Q50 3.0T VR30 Blow Off Valve Kit

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YP VR30 Q60 / Q50 Blow Off Valve Kit - YPerformance
hks blow off valve q50
YP VR30 Q60 / Q50 Blow Off Valve Kit - YPerformance
  • Installs easily
  • Turbochargers are less likely to wear out
  • The compressor does not experience a surge
  • Sound effects of the BOV
  • Maintain a constant boost pressure
  • The sound of hissing is nice
  • Color


    Dhs. 1,450.00 AED

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    YP VR30 Q60 / Q50 3.0T VR30 Blow Off Valve Kit

    Color: Black

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      Pickup available, usually ready in 4 hours

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    Addition info


    With the VR30DDTT Blow Off Valve Kit, you can install blow off valves on VR30 equipped Q50 sedans and Q60 coupes.
    This blow off valve is specifically designed for the VR30 (VR30DDTT) engine in the Infiniti Q50. It is possible to use extreme levels of boost in the Infiniti Q50, Q60 & Nissan 400Z without compromising their longevity or durability.
    Infiniti q50 blow off valve
    Infiniti q60 blow off valve
    • How does a blow off valve work?

    The car turbo blow off valve (also known as a dump valve or compressor blow off valve) releases pressure from turbocharged engines. Once the throttle is shut, the BOV lowers the pressure inside the intake system and prevents the compressor from over-surging. In addition, many auto enthusiasts use BOVs to enhance their automotive sound. YPerformance BOVs have the best blow off valve sound.


    Diagram of a blow off valve

    blow off valve diagram

    q50 blow off valve

    The diagram is just for illustrative purposes; the BOV comes before the intercooler on the Infiniti Q50.
    The pressure in the intake valve to the throttle body will be higher at higher boost levels based on the above scenario. Inlet valve pressure increases significantly when the throttle is closed or released suddenly, and this pressure reversal decelerates or reverses the flow of air. Turbos surge suddenly as a result. By contrast, if there is a blow off valve in the inlet pipe, the increased pressure is dissipated to the outside with a hissing sound without causing the sudden increase in air pressure. As a result, there is no surge in the Turbos.
    • Is it possible to damage your engine with a blow off valve?

    BOVs enhance the efficiency of your turbocharger’s system. Turbos can be preserved by blow off valves.
    • The blow off valve protects and increases the durability of turbochargers in what way?

    The fluttering sound is caused by the turbocharger trying to push air. However, it fails due to a closed throttle. The turbo’s bearings are put under a great deal of strain as a result. Turbos are at risk of premature wear and tear when engine pressures or boost levels are high. The BOV prevents turbo flutter by venting the high pressure of air that causes the surge in the turbos.

    Why do I need blow off valves?

    A Blow Off Valve is designed solely to protect your turbo. Excess boost pressure is vented into the atmosphere when the throttle is closed. As well as preventing damaging reverse shock waves from reaching your turbo, this release of boost pressure produces the infamous “psshhhh” sound. In this way, pressurized air is prevented from beating the turbine shaft bearing and compressor wheel to death. In extreme cases, the compressor wheel can literally explode inside the housing.
    Because the VR30 powertrain lacks recirculation or blow off valves, boost pressure remains in the intake tract when the throttle is released. When increasing boost pressure and tuning, tuners have two options:
    A: If you lift off the throttle, slam the throttle shut. Boost pressure does not bleed off, resulting in reverse thrust on the turbo’s compressor wheel. As a result of shock-loads, turbo thrust bearings wear faster, resulting in the turbo’s destruction.
    B: Gradually shutting off the throttle when lifting off-throttle (this is the “I’d risk my life and my car to save these turbos” situation).  Your car has just broken traction at about 60 mph after you made a sweet power pull. You can’t reel the car back in straight so you release the throttle, but the car is still accelerating as you look at the oncoming telephone pole. Hopefully, you’ll be able to save it and order this kit before you need to replace the body. If you didn’t save the video, you have to hope no one got a glimpse of you going full Mustang.
    After blow off valves are installed, boost pressure is vented to the atmosphere. The turbos will not wear out as fast as they would if this were not done.  Lets you drive this car the way it was meant to be driven.

    Kit includes:

    • 2- YP Blow Off Valve
      • Includes Snap Ring, Zip Ties, and O-Ring
    • 2- Blow Off Valve Flange
    • 2- YP Silicone Blow Off Valve Hoses
    • 2- YP Silicone Throttle Body to Intercooler Hoses
    • 1- YP Silicone Vacuum Hose – 3ft

    YP Silicone BOV colors:

    • Black
    • Blue
    • Red 


    • 2017+ Infiniti Q50 Sedan 3.0t
    • 2017+ Infiniti Q60 Coupe 3.0t

    • Color Black, Red, Blue