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Fueltech FT550 – The Electronic Fuel Injection system used by 1460 HP Honda RSX | Powerful

Honda RSX with Fueltech FT550

We have achieved a massive speed of 347 kmph on a half mile race with the HONDA RSX and currently holds the record of being second fastest 4 cylinder car on half mile in the world. We use Fueltech FT550 EFI

The EFI (electronic Fuel Injection) system used for the Honda RSX is from Fueltech USA – FT550

Fueltech FT550

The Fueltech FT550 EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) is a programmable engine management system designed and manufactured by Fueltech, a Brazilian company that specializes in engine management systems and data loggers for high-performance vehicles. The FT550 EFI is a compact and powerful unit that can control the engine’s fuel injection and ignition system, providing advanced control over engine functions such as ignition timing, fuel injection, and boost control.

The FT550 EFI is designed to be used in high-performance applications such as drag racing, circuit racing, and rally. It comes with a variety of features such as built-in data logging, real-time data analysis, and engine protection. Additionally, it has built-in support for multiple sensors, including wideband and knock sensors, and can be configured for use with different types of engines.

The FT550 EFI System

In addition to GearController (power-shifts), built-in accelerometer (G-meter) and gyroscope, the FuelTech FT550 is perfect for projects requiring more features; In addition to all PowerFT ECU line features such as sequential injection and ignition, O2 closed loop, active traction control, integrated BoostController, internal datalogger, progressive and PRO-Nitrous controls, odometers, electronic throttle controls, inclinometers, drag racing features and more.

A sturdy and high-quality waterproof plastic case is also included, as well as 52-pin automotive connectors, USB communication, and two CAN Bus ports. 14 inputs and 24 outputs are fully configurable.

FT600 dashboard design includes engine start button, new inclinometer gauges, and virtual LEDs for arrows, headlights, and other functions. The screen allows for editing maps directly on the module without the need for a computer, seamless integration between the ECU and the vehicle dashboard!

It uses the same FTManager software as the FT600, including the latest update that allows the user to update their fuel map using the O2 closed loop corrections that took place from a log file. PowerFT ECU map files are compatible with each other, so you can upgrade ECUs while keeping the same tune.


  • Control of Otto cycle engines with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinders
  • Control of Wankel engines (rotary) with 2, 3 and 4 rotors
  • Control of sequential ignition, semi-sequential ignition, and multipoint ignition
  • Control of ignition through a trigger wheel or distributor
  • A full sequential ignition or a wasted spark
  • An oxygen sensor (wide band lambda sensor) is used for closed loop injection
  • Automotive connectors from AMP SUPERSEAL
  • Drive-by-wire throttle body control (ETC)
  • Timing and actuator-based idle control (electronic throttle body, stepper motor, or PWM valve)
  • Real-time map adjustments on the screen and in the FTManager software (including internet remote tuning)
  • Waterproof sealed ABS case with IP67 rating


  • RPM signal differential input
  • Inputs for cam sync (including multi-tooth triggers)
  • 14 input channels (temperature, pressure, speed, position sensors, TPS, external MAP, buttons, keys, etc.) are fully customizable.
  •     There are two inputs with a high gain preamplifier that is usually used with strain gauge sensors
  •     Sensor reading scale can be adjusted
  • An accelerometer and gyroscope are built-in
  • Internal MAP sensor of 7 bar (1 bar vacuum, 6 bar positive pressure)
  • One USB port for connecting a computer and FuelTech software
  • FuelTech FTCAN 2.0 or FTCAN 1.0 CAN ports
  •     FuelTech equipment: WB-O2 Nano, EGT-8 CAN, FTSPARK, SwitchPanel
  •     Equipment from third parties (Racepak IQ3, VNET, AiM, etc.)
  •     Partially compatible with OEM CAN: C6 Corvette, C7 Corvette, 5th gen Camaro, 2009 Cadillac CTS-V

Drag Racing Features

  • A Burnout mode, a 2-step mode, a 3-step mode (including a Roll Start mode)
  • A two-step activation system based on speed, boost, MAP, or clutch position
  • Output of the line lock brakes
  • Control of brake pressure by line lock
  • Drag Racing ignition timing map
  • RPM limiter based on timing retard or ignition cut
  • Timing retard or ignition cut based on wheel speed or driveshaft RPM
  • Compensation for ignition timing based on time
  • Fuel compensation based on time
  • The Pro-Nitrous setting is available in up to six stages, with fuel enrichment, ignition timing, and activation control.
  • Output of gear shifts
  • Output based on time
  • Control of staging
  • A wheelie control system
  • Maximum throttle position based on time

Fueltech USA

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