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Infiniti Q50 Blow off valve is perfectly designed for the VR30 (VR30DDTT) engine. The Infiniti Q50, Q60 & Nissan 400Z can use extreme levels of boost without compromising the longevity and durability of Turbos.

  • What is a blow off valve? What is blow off valve function?

The car turbo blow off valve (also known as a dump valve, or compressor blow off valve) is a system for releasing pressure in all turbocharged engines. BOV lowers the pressure inside the intake system once the throttle is shut and prevents the compressor from over-surging. Secondly, many auto enthusiasts use BOV for their automotive sound. YPerformance BOVs have the best blow off valve sound.

Blow off valve diagram

blow off valve diagram
Infiniti Q50 BOV comes before intercooler; the diagram is for illustrative only.

From the above situation, the pressure in the intake valve to the throttle body will be higher at higher boost levels. When the throttle is closed or released suddenly, the pressure in the inlet valve will increase significantly, and this pressure reversal causes the air to decelerate or reverse the flow. This causes a sudden surge in the turbos. BUT if there is a blow off valve in the inlet pipe, increased pressure is dissipated to the outside through blow off valve with a hissing sound without causing the sudden increase of air pressure in inlet pipe. Thus there is no surge in the Turbos.

  • Can a blow off valve damage your engine?

BOVs are engineered to enhance the efficiency of your turbocharger’s system. Blow off valves can be crucial for preserving your turbo.

  • How does Blow off valve protect and increase the durability of turbos?

Fluttering is the sound that comes from the turbocharger trying to push air. But, it fails because of a throttle that is closed. This dramatically increases the load on the turbo’s bearings. When it happens with higher engine pressures or levels of boost there is a risk of premature wear and tear to the turbo. In the end, the BOV can stop turbo flutter by venting the high pressure of the air that causes the surge in the turbos.

We carefully designed it to avoid any turbo blow off valve problems.

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infiniti q50 bov

Infiniti q50 blow off valve

Infiniti q60 blow off valve

Nissan 400z blow off valve

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