INFINITI Q50/Q60 Flex Fuel Kit with Fuel Filter Upgrade! EXCELLENT

INFINITI Q50/Q60 Flex Fuel Kit with Fuel Filter Upgrade! EXCELLENT

YPerformance Q50/Q60 Flex Fuel Kit with Fuel Filter

We are introducing the YPerformance Flex fuel kit with fuel filter kit for Infiniti Q50/Q60.

  • What is a flex fuel kit?

Now you can run E85 straight from the tank without worrying about making calculations manually for the ethanol content for your car! With YP’s Flex fuel kit, you can use E85, gasoline, or any combination of gasoline and E85 with an ethanol content range of zero to 100 percent Ethanol as your fuel.

  • How flex fuel kit works?

Our flex fuel sensors for ethanol give instructions to the car’s ECU about how you can alter parameters such as boost, fueling, and timing in order to generate the maximum performance possible with a particular fuel or mix of fuels. The adjustments are made within the background of the flex fuel tune that allows the user to have a choice with the fuel you use within your Infiniti. This is a flexible fuel system that requires no modification once it is installed and tuned. The entire kit comes with Fuel filter. The kit includes the YP Signal Converter, an ethanol sensor, braided fuel lines as well as the hardware. 

  • Does the flex fuel kit need tuning after installation?

The OEM ECU needs to be calibrated by custom tuning for the Ethanol mixes after installation of the YPerformance Flex Fuel Kit & Fuel Filter. Our flex fuel sensor senses the ethanol mix and give instructions accordingly

  • Features of Infiniti q50/q60 vr30 flex fuel kit
  • Full kit permits users to use any combination of fuels ranging from 98 to E85.
  • Fully integrated with ECU software for seamless integration
  • Unique safety features permit the setting of safe routes and protect your engine
  • Make use of race-grade AN fittings, and quick-connect fittings made of aluminum to ensure ease of installation and no leaks.
  • Make use of all race-grade black nylon coated E85-compliant hoses with a -6AN braided hose
  • The stainless steel and CNC-machined aluminum brackets anodized with aluminum secure the kit from any movement
  • Bolt-in installation with no permanent modification to the vehicle needed


  • Custom ECU tuning is necessary to run this kit as an automatic flex fuel system


  • 2017-2020 INFINITI Q60 with VR30
  • 2016-2020 INFINITI Q50 with VR30
Flex Fuel Kit

Q50 Fuel Filter Kit :

This YPerformance Q50/Q60 fuel Filter Kit has been designed to be the best quality and most advanced solution to filter the fuel for the engine VR30 available on the market. Many have had to endure, OEM fuel system component failures are quite common in the VR30 engine, particularly when using higher concentrations of ethanol, such as E50 and E85. Ethanol is a fantastic high-octane fuel because of the high level of alcohol which is why it can also function as a cleanser. In certain vehicles, it could cause sediment to be sucked out of the fuel tank and in the lines formed over time from operating low-grade gasoline. One of the most effective ways to stop this foreign debris from getting into the injectors and engine itself is to use the highest quality fuel in-line filter.

  • The q50 fuel filter kit comes with the YPerformance q50 Flex Fuel Kit
  • The CNC machined filter housing has an inbuilt mounting solution to protect the unit and lines from potentially dangerous moving
  • Most effective filtering performance available with a 6-micron filters
  • Glass filter element material for 100% ethanol compatibility
  • Utilizes motorsport quality AN fittings as well as aluminum fast connect fittings to ensure ease of installation and no leaks.
  • Make use of all race-grade black E85 compatible nylon coated hoses. braided hose
  • Bolt-in installation that isn’t needed for a permanent modification to the vehicle


  • Infiniti Q50 2016-2022
  • Infiniti Q60 2017-2022


  • For use with YP Q50/Q60 Flex Fuel Kit



  • Where to get flex fuel?

Have you been asking where do you get flex fuel kit yourself? For the Infiniti Q50 flex fuel kit with fuel filter, you can shop from YPerformance Auto Parts Store. We ship worldwide. Shop from our website:

  • Does Infiniti q50 require premium gas?

With q50 flex fuel kit with fuel filter, you can use any fuel mix for your Infiniti q50/q60.

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