Infiniti Q50 VR30 RT Turbos Upgrade with AMS pressure sensors & Engine Replacement

Infiniti Q50 VR30 RT Turbos Upgrade with AMS pressure sensors & Engine Replacement

VR30 RT Turbos Upgrade

VR30 RT Turbos upgrades stock location substitute turbos for the Infiniti VR30 motor. These upgraded turbos still retain the inventory housings so as to assist you in using your existing exhaust and intake configuration. These turbos glide approximately 30% extra without sacrificing spool response with their custom-machined billet wheels. The YP team mounted these turbos on Q50.

vr30 RT turbos

Advantages of turbo upgrade

Upgrading from a stock turbocharger can bring many benefits to your vehicle. Here are just a few:

1. Increased horsepower and torque – A turbo can significantly increase the power output of your engine, allowing for faster acceleration and more torque.

2. Improved fuel efficiency – With increased power comes increased fuel efficiency, meaning that you can get more miles out of each tank of fuel.

3. Increased engine longevity – The additional power produced by the turbocharger reduces the amount of strain on the engine, allowing it to last longer.

4. Reduced emissions – A turbocharger can reduce the number of emissions produced by the engine, making it better for the environment.

5. Lower engine noise – The turbocharger helps to reduce the engine noise, making for a quieter ride. Overall, upgrading to a turbocharger can be a great way to improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel

vr30ddtt rt turbos

AMS VR30DDTT high pressure sensor upgrade

The OEM fuel pressure sensor on the VR30 engine observed within the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 and Nissan Z motors is a not unusual failure factor for many inside the fanatic network. The AMS Performance VR30DDTT High Pressure Fuel Sensor is designed and confirmed much like the OEM sensor observed in your stock Nissan VR30 engine, but, its stepped-forward design lets in it to higher resist strain fluctuations and outsurvive the inventory sensor, particularly on changed VR30 engines. It’s such a development, in our checking out customers move from near-weekly OEM sensor failures to zero failures with the AMS High Pressure Fuel Sensor.

AMS VR30DDTT high-pressure sensor

The stock fuel pressure sensor has points of failure – the sensor internals themselves, and the harness connector. The maximum commonplace is the sensor internals which we trust to fail from large fluctuations of excessive strain within the gasoline gadget. These fluctuations are extra not unusual on VR30 vehicles with upgraded gas systems, mainly when going for walks e85, and the AMS sensor’s extra strong construction enables save you screw-ups. The connector trouble can occur to any vehicle at any level of the amendment, as the pins within the connector dislodge because of normal engine vibration. The AMS Performance VR30DDTT High-Pressure Fuel Sensor rectifies this issue nicely by way of offering a brand-new connector with an adapter harness blanketed.

AMS VR30DDTT high-pressure sensor

Infiniti Q50 engine replaced

We replaced the q50 engine with a certified used engine.


Congratulations on replacing the engine in your Infiniti Q50! We hope it is running better now. If you need any help or advice on how to care for your engine, please feel free to reach out. We’re always here to help.

q50 vr30ddtt engine

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