Nissan 370z/350z/G37/G35 Test Pipes | An AMAZING upgrade

Nissan 370z/350z/G37/G35 Test Pipes | An AMAZING upgrade

370z Test Pipes

The Nissan 370z test pipes system is the aftermarket performance part replacement for the catalytic converter for Nissan and Infiniti cars(370z/ 350z & Infiniti G35 / G37). YPerfomance’s auto engineers designed, developed, and tested this custom test pipe for the past years and got the best result for the perfect performance for Nissan and Infinity cars

What are Nissan 370z test pipes?

Nissan 370z test pipes direct the produced exhaust gases to the exhaust system. It helps in moving the exhaust gases through the system as efficiently as possible.

Normal downpipes have a catalytic converter that cleans the exhaust gases as they are produced. But these catalytic converters cause you to lose power as it has a restrictive aspect of cleaning the exhaust gases.

Why do you need catless test pipe 370z?

A catless downpipe doesn’t have a catalytic converter inside, thus it doesn’t restrict the flow of exhaust gases nor does it clean it. Hence the flow of exhaust gases through a catless downpipe will be free flow and significantly higher than that of the catted downpipe.

YPerformance Catless Downpipe features broader capacity and no restriction to exhaust flow.

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