This is why everyone should be using YPerformance clutched pulley

This is why everyone should be using YPerformance clutched pulley

The best performance system is also the harder to achieve, It’s achieved by eliminating all of the major and minor factors affecting the system.


When it comes to supercharger systems, There are a lot of benefits to using a clutched pulley system over a normal pulley system.

Let us know what exactly is a clutched pulley.


Simply a clutched pulley or a decoupler pulley locks when rotating in one direction (forward) and freewheels when rotating in the opposite direction (reverse). Hence YP’s clutched pulley allows the supercharger to maintain and rotate at higher rpm even when there is a rapid drop in crank rpm in situations like gear shifting or decelerating, thus also making the pulley system durable and increasing the longevity. If you still didn’t get it, let us explain it understandably.

clutched pulley


When you step on the gas, the crank pulley starts increasing the speed of the supercharger because they are connected by the belt. The stress on the belt is all in one direction. Forward!

Then when you let off the gas and the engine suddenly starts to slow down. At this moment the supercharger is spinning real fast. When the crank pulley slows down it is forced to rapidly slow the supercharger because of that direct connection via the belt.

This will force the load on the belt to change the rotating direction from the supercharger pulley because the belt is putting the brakes on the supercharger pulley. That’s when you have the belt slip screeching and chirping.

The decoupling feature on clutched pulley allows the supercharger pulley to freewheel when the belt changes from forward (on the gas) to neutral (off the gas). It’s just like a bicycle pedal. Pulls one way/freewheels the other.

The stress to supercharger internals and the pulley connection at the crank from the changing of torque direction is reduced to almost nothing and over time (thousands of off and on the throttle) will help to increase longevity and durability.



Our customers are delighted with the clutched pulley system which gave an improvement in performance and longevity. They refer to this modification as must one.


We value our customers. We build our units with extensive research and never compromise on quality, which is assured. We have an excellent track record in the motorsports and automobile industry.

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