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Catless downpipe What is it? and How it increases the performance?

Catless Downpipe What Is It? And How It Increases The Performance?

What is a Downpipe?

A downpipe directs the produced exhaust gases to the exhaust system. It helps in moving the exhaust gases through the system as efficiently as possible. Normal downpipes have a catalytic converter that cleans the exhaust gases as they are produced. But these catalytic converters cause you to lose power as it has a restrictive aspect of cleaning the exhaust gases.

A catless downpipe doesn’t have a catalytic converter inside, thus it doesn’t restrict the flow of exhaust gases nor does it clean it. Hence the flow of exhaust gases through a catless downpipe will be free flow and significantly higher than that of the catted downpipe.


Catless Downpipe What Is It? And How It Increases The Performance?

YPerformance Catless Midpipe features wider capacity and no restriction to exhaust flow.

If you aspire to race your sports car, that is one of the more common reasons for replacing the downpipe. You might choose to do so simply because you are trying to get as much horsepower as possible out of your vehicle. Adding a new downpipe to older model sports cars can dramatically improve your HP.

There is another potential reason. You might have modified your car so that it runs at a higher boost pressure. If you have increased the amount of boost from a stock turbo system, then the increased exhaust output might demand a smooth, larger downpipe.

Our customers are delighted with the catless downpipe system which gave an improvement in exhaust flow and horsepower. They refer to this modification as must one.

We value our customers. We build our units with extensive research and never compromise on quality, which is assured. We have an excellent track record in the motorsports and automobile industry.

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