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Y PERFORMANCE Q50/Q60 Silicone inlets installation & TUNING – FOCUSED !

Y PERFORMANCE Q50/Q60 Silicone Inlets Installation & TUNING – FOCUSED !


Y PERFORMANCE Q50/Q60 Silicone Inlets Installation & TUNING – FOCUSED !

What is YPerformance Turbo Silicone Inlets  and How do they work?

The air intake tube is the opening through which air can enter. Air coming from the outside of an engine bay is usually cooler and denser. This makes it more efficient for combustion, power output, and engine efficiency.

Y PERFORMANCE Q50/Q60 Silicone Inlets Installation & TUNING – FOCUSED !

YPerformance Q50 / Q60 Cold Air Intake Pipe

YPerformance high-temperature silicon air intake pipe set replaces Infiniti Q50 / Q60 stock OEM intake pipe with high heat resistance material that meets or exceeds OE specifications. (Maximum temperature rating is 350F). YP intake pipe kit provides dyno-proven performance gains. It increases horsepower (5 to 15 hp) and improves throttle response. YP intake kit reduces heat soot and keeps the air box’s efficiency at its best. It does not require tuning or modification and does not activate the CEL light.

Y PERFORMANCE Q50/Q60 Silicone Inlets Installation & TUNING – FOCUSED !

Q50 cold air intake pipe kit provides performance improvements and is the ideal replacement part to fix or prevent the bad idling or air vacuum leak issues commonly caused by cracking, damaged, or collapsing OEM rubber air injection pipes.

Q50 Tuning with YP Cold Air Intake Pipe

YPerformance Cold air intake pipe is installed into the Infiniti Q50 VR30. The Q50 is Tuned and Dyno tested by Ahmad Issa from Spectrum Motorsports, UAE.

YPerformance Turbo Inlet Pipe

Tuning – Ahmed Issa – Spectrum Motorsports https://www.instagram.

Car Mods

AFE Drop in filter, Lower down pipes

Why buy from us?

Our engineers perfectly designed and created the YPerformance Q50 Turbo Inlet Pipe. This replaces the stock rubber intake tube. It optimizes airflow and heat dissipates well. For the best cooling effect, the unit can be integrated with the factory fresh air scoop or air box. Made from YPerformance high-temperature reinforced silicone hoses. Included: YPerformance Stainless Steel Heavy Duty T-bolt Clamps. Installation without modification. Prevents air vacuum leaks and bad idle caused by cracked, damaged, or collapsed OEM rubber air injector hoses. Compatible with OEM Hose.

Our customers are delighted with the Q50 / Q60 Oil Cold Air Intake Pipe which gave an improvement in performance and longevity. They refer to this modification as must-one.

We value our customers. We build our units with extensive research and never compromise on quality, which is assured. We have an excellent track record in the motorsports and automobile industry.
Let us make your Infiniti perfect. Buy it now

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